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I’d like to encourage you to consider Friendly House’s Academia del PuebloK-8 Charter School as the worthy beneficiary of your 2017 Arizona Education Tax Credit. The donations may be used to provide support for extracurricular activities and/or character education programs at public/charter schools (A.R.S § 43-1089.01).

Since the enactment of Arizona’s Education Tax Credit, Academia del Pueblo (ADP) has been fortunate to receive generous support each year from community partners like you.

As a result of the generosity of our community partners, ADP has been able to provide support for many homeless students that cannot afford to participate in extracurricular activities (i.e. athletics, STEM, and the arts). Equally important is the impact it has on school-wide activities such as field trips, tutoring and after-school enrichment clubs. These activities are benefiting close to 400 students from Central/South Phoenix now enrolled at Academia del Pueblo.

Below this letter is the 2017 Education Tax Credit form with additional information about the campaign and may be used when you mail in your donation.

I’d like to encourage you to send this information to other individuals in your circle of influence who might be willing to choose Academia del Pueblo as their beneficiary in 2016 and in the future as well!

Thank you for your ongoing support and leadership to Friendly House’s Academia del Pueblo and all the important programs and services it offers to the community.


Frank Lomeli


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