Recreational Enrichment Programs

In addition to the academic enrichment programs offered, ADP also offers a variety of recreational enrichment programs. These programs offer a variety choices that help promote social and physical well-being. The programs are fun and change seasonally to keep the programs exciting for students. IMPORTANT: Students must first participate in the 3:30 academic   enrichment program to be allowed to participate in the 4:30 recreational enrichment program. Seasonal pro- grams currently being offered include:

Intramural Sports Program 

volleyballADP offers a less competitive sport program through its intramural sporting activities. Students can participate in soccer, tetherball, dodgeball, basketball and other fun recreational programs throughout the year.  2017 Soccer season will be starting soon! Try-outs begin this week. We hope for a successful season for our boys and girls!

Arts & Crafts  – Kindergarten-1st Grade 

The after school arts and crafts program allows students to express themselves through a variety of hands-on projects. Students will learn how to paint, mix print patterns, make jewelry and many other fun creative crafts.

Wii Fitness League   

The Wii Fitness League is a fun, interactive league challenge between students through a variety of Nintendo Wii games. Through this fun league challenge, students will find out who the best of the best is in games such as golf, extreme sports, archery and more. Don’t miss this fun- filled healthy challenge to compete against fellow classmates

Ballet Folklorico    


This Mexican culture performing arts program empowers and educates students by providing a greater balletfolkloricounderstanding and appreciation for Mexican culture and folklore through music, dance and traditional art forms. Students work on choreographed dances that will be performed for parents and the community during the final part of the school year.


computersStudents get the opportunity to use the computer lab after school to work on Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point, as well as stay up to speed on some of the latest gaming and educational learning programs on the market today.