Academia Del Pueblo has a comprehensive elementary school curriculum. All students receive instruction in the English  Language Arts (reading, speaking, spelling, writing, and handwriting), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computer Education, Physical Education, and  Spanish as Foreign Language.

 Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards

Academia Del Pueblo is committed to its students being held to the highest possible standards of education at all grade levels. To ensure this every classroom adheres to the Common Core standards in all subject areas also known as the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards or ACCRS. The ACCRS not only pushes students to do more difficult work at a younger age but also incorporates important themes such as critical and abstract thinking.

Curriculum Resources

To supplement the standards that are provided by the Arizona Department of Education our teachers use the most up to date aligned curriculum to create lesson plans for students. These include EngageNY, which was developed by nationally reviewed master teachers, for math and reading language arts and Houghton-Mifflin books for reading language arts and science which are used throughout the nation.


In order to assess student knowledge, ADP has partnered with ATI-Galileo to provide each grade level with quarterly benchmark tests that allow our teachers to measure objective mastery and plan for the future.


Academia del Pueblo students have the opportunity to utilize technology through the use of IPADS, computers in the computer lab and through our mobile lab computers. Students utilizing either program must adhere to strict guidelines for computer and internet usage. Please review with your child the Student Guidelines for Internet Use.

Free Meal Program

Academia del Pueblo participates In the free meal program
Place: 201 E. Durango Phoenix, Az 85004
Dates: May 25, 2017 – August 4, 2017
Breakfast: 7:30a.m – 9:00a.m
Lunch: 11a.m – 1:00p.m